The financial services world is entering a challenging new era of strengthened regulatory control, increasing competition and changing customer demand. With mobile and internet banking that are converging to become an integrated combination of transactional channel and sales channel, the next generation banking opportunity is huge. At APAPAY, we are ready for action with the solutions that enable banks and financial institutions to meet the challenges and harness the opportunities of this dynamic market.

APAPAY SOA-based enterprise core banking software offers a single, integrated banking systems architecture that strengthens and streamlines management while reducing operational risk. It forms the basis for premise-free banking and cards processing, allowing institutions to take advantage of software as a service (SaaS), cloud-based infrastructure and business process outsourcing services for banking, cards, payments and lending activities.
APAPAY mobile solutions for financial institutions offer a range of mobile and internet banking solutions and multi-channel front office applications that seamlessly integrate into back office systems, that offer an exceptional and highly personalized customer experience and that provides the superior innovation and functionality to banking institutions who want to future-proof their competitive edge, profitability, performance and service so that they can capture and develop their share of the mobile and internet banking market.

APAPAY card and merchant solutions offer scalable and flexible end-to-end functionality in various card and payment management systems to manage a full range of card products including prepaid/stored value, fleet, credit, debit, private label, etc. Embedded multi-lingual and multi-currency capabilities can support global customers on one platform compatible with new regulations and regular audits for compliance.